Faith Baptist Church Gulfport, MS

Trucker Ministry Verse

Luke 14:23 And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

What the Trucker Ministry is about:

Bringing The Gospel To Our Nations Professional Truck Drivers

Welcome From Our Pastor

Pastor: Dr. Dan Q. Carr
Gal. 6:9

  I am happy to invite you to Faith Baptist Church. Faith Baptist Church is a Christ centered ministry with a heart for people. My desire is that God would use our church to help meet your spiritual needs and those of your family. I hope you will be able to visit us very soon.

Welcome From The Trucker`s Ministry

     Hi I`am Bro. Jerry Alford I`am over the trucker ministry at Faith Baptist Church, I was called to be a Preacher of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the Trucker`s, and the TEAM Tract Ministry at Faith Baptist Church. Welcome to this web site; Truckers I’m an Independent Fundamental Bible Believing Baptist Preacher to Truckers, Prisons, and Nursing Homes, in Gulfport Mississippi. If you ever get to Gulfport Mississippi, please come visit us at Faith Baptist Church, we come to the Pilot Flying J Truckstop on Interstate 10, at exit 31 on canal road Sundays and Wednesdays, we have free transportation to and from church, Faith Baptist Church is located 1 mile south of the truck stop, time the ride leaves:   

Sunday morning at 9:30

Sunday evening at 5:45

Wednesday evening at 6:45

   Also every Sunday morning at 8:30 AM we have a preaching service on Channel 21 on your CB that last about 20 minutes, please join us. 

Faith Baptist Church has the services on Live Steam, if you have the internet. 

   Drivers I drove a truck over the road for over 20 years, and the last 10 years I was out there I was a Christian so I know what you go through, also I know the difficulties of being a Christian on the road, if you need someone to talk to, or pray with, I’ll do the best I can to take the Bible and help you deal with any problems out there, so please email me with any questions you have. I will answer your email. fbctruckersministry@yahoo.com this email was set up just for you.

Yours In Christ

Bro. Jerry H. Alford John 5:24